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Process Flow-chart Of Wet Processing Technology | Dyeing Flowchart

The way a fabric is dyed is called process flowchart of wet processing technology. Actually some of the steps of a dying process can be removed or added as per buyer requirement. Suppose our buyer wants more precised dyed fabric; so in this fact we should mercerize the fabric during the dyeing pre-treatment process. Basically if the buyer doesn’t want that so called particular fabric there is no need to mercerize the fabric.

The Dyeing / Wet Processing Flow Chart Is shown here for reference ----->

Before dyeing a fabric or yarn some pre-treatment and after treatment is needed

Our Technical Team follows all safety measures, work issues and ensures successful and excellent completion of work by maintaining highest standards. We provide safety training not only through instructive, carefully designed technical literature but also by personal visits by highly qualified and experienced personnel with the essential technical equipment.

Garments Manufacturing

There are four major kinds of textile processing – fiber processing, yarn processing, fabric processing and garment processing. Garment processing has grown to a great extent during the past few years.

Garment finishing is mainly done through wet processing. Garments are dyed for imparting color to them. Proper finishing can provide a better look to the apparel, change the feel and texture of the fabric, and can also add value to the end-product. The factors to be considered while processing include the choice of chemicals, production limitations and types of machinery used.

For better understanding. the flow chart is given here ----->
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