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Health & Safety

ZENITEX Employees & Management are united in their commitment to Health & Safety.

Achieve an accident free environment where no one gets hurts…
Certain Core Values which are very important for us

We respect & trust each others opinions and decisions and follow through on Health & safety concerns

We approach each day with determination to care for Ourselves, Co-workers, Contractors and Customers we serve.

We have the knowledge and skills to be healthy and safe.

We communicate in a clear open and honest manner.

We urge our employees never to compromise on the lob. They have the right to stop and   correct any unsafe conditions before they continue their work. At Zenitex, we believe that safety is a way of life both on and off the Ibo.  Zenitex is fully committed to protecting the Health & Safety of our employees, contractors and the consumers we serve. We believe that Health & safety is the way to long term success.

Zenitex believes human resources are most important and critical Good CSR practices relating to workplace and labor relations help us in improving the workplace in terms of health and safety, employee relations as well as result in a healthy balance between work and non-work aspects of employee’s life. This helps Zenitex by making it easier to recruit employees and attract them to stay longer, thereby reducing the costs and disruption of recruitment and retraining. At Zenitex we give equal opportunity to our employees. Diversity of workforce that includes differently able people with disability, preference for people from the local community etc., a impartial gender policy, code of conduct/ guidelines on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. prevention of HIV/AIDS and TB at workplace, employee volunteering is a part of the program at Zenitex.