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At Hearts@Work Foundation we have endeavoured to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational, health and environmental initiatives. As a conscientious citizen, we want our Social Responsibility / Community Welfare initiatives to have a lasting and positive imprint on the society


The emerging concept of corporate social Responsibility (CSR) in our case Social Responsibility / Community Welfare goes beyond charity and requires the company to act beyond its legal obligations and to integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns into company’s business process. The concepts of CSR advocates moving away from a shareholder alone focus to a multi-stakeholder focus. This would include investors, employees, business partners, customers, regulators, local communities, the environment and society at large. Key components of Social Responsibility / Community Welfare at Zenitex are :


Zenitex believes in value-based and ethical business practices. It integrates core values – such as honesty, trust, respect and fairness – into its policies, practices and decision-making. Zenitex also observes compliance with legal standards and adherence to internal rules and regulations.


Abiding by our Philosophy wherein, ͞Zenitex believes that a major stake holder to the business is the community in which our industry operates͟ we have direct involvement and interaction with the local community in Surat and surrounding villages. We also keenly assess the issues and risks faced by those living in the surrounding areas. Zenitex is ready to extend help and support to other communities too which are facing acute crisis situation, like they did in the rehabilitation of jobless diamond workers by providing them training in textiles and giving them alternate employment or by training unemployed youth in the surrounding villages. Involvement with the community is both direct and indirect, by organizing or supporting community projects implemented by local agencies (NGO’s).

Social Responsibility / Community Welfare (SR/CW) Guidelines at
Zenitex (Hearts@Work Foundation)
  1. At Zenitex SR/CW is an integral part of overall business policy driven by vision and philosophy that includes definition of SR/CW and how it aligns it with its business goals.
  2. Our SR/CW policy broadly covers caring for employees, climate & environment, (including skill development and livelihood, health, safety, education, minimizing carbon footprint, protection of environment, inclusion of disadvantaged & vulnerable sections of society), non-discrimination.
  3. Zenitex shall specify a time period after which the SR/CW policy shall be out up for strategic review and gauge the impact, relevance of its components and fine tune / augment it in tandem with the changing time / business / societal needs.
  4. To ensure optimum utilization of resources and maximum impact Zenitex shall set measurable target. wherever possible and review the progress internally. Periodically the company may get external evaluation as may be considered appropriate by it.
  5. We work in the direction to create a spirit of volunteerism among the employees and encourage the employees to volunteer for community development initiatives.
  6. We will also attempt to influence the supply chain in adopting adhering to best SR/CW practices.
  7. We shall have an explicit strategy to focus on SR/CW issues of immediate concern in the areas that they operate in.
  8. Zenitex may work through partnership or leveraging Governments schemes to undertake SR/CW activities. We shall endeavour to partner and network with civil society organizations to carry forward the agenda of SR/CW. Through our efforts of SR/CW, we shall endeavour to build an image of Zenitex as a socially responsible company.
Jobless worker

In 2008, 1,250 diamond units out of the total 2,500 units in the world’s biggest diamond cutting and polishing center in Surat had downed their shutters during the global economic slump leaving nearly 25,000 workers idle and jobless due to unavoidable circumstances like global recession. Many of them committed mass suicides along with their families because of the tough time they faced due to recession. Hearts@Work Foundation initiated a massive “Rehabilitation Program for jobless Diamond Workers” for the benefit of these workers, more than 1500 diamond workers were trained, counseled and special care of their placements in various other Textile companies was initiated. This was a 4 months long training programme in which these workers were paid stipend by Zenitex to sustain their livelihood.

Developing country like ours has health problems compounded by diverse socio-cultural and economic problems. So if someone is diagnosed with cancer as they are often detected in the advanced stages and hence have dismal outcomes. If detected early, cancer is curable. We at Hearts@Work- (A Zenitex CSR initiative) have taken up a mission to spread awareness about cancer prevention by nipping the bad lifestyles by increasing Awareness.The South Gujarat area specially has seen the incidence and increase of oral cancer especially due to the addiction of chewing Tobacco (Gutkha’s). Both the diamond industry and textile industry workers in majority have become victim of Tobacco Chewing Habit.

Youth of today are those who will lead the country tomorrow. Zenitex’s progress in the field of Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and initiatives & contributions in the field of social welfare has often been talked about and acknowledged by the State & National Government. To reap the fruits of this success, Hearts@Work Foundation envisioned empowering the youth by imparting entrepreneurial skills.

Zenitex believes that all the species have the right to unpolluted air, water and soils in order to maintain the health of the ecosystem. The long-term goal of Hearts@Work is ‘Environmental Protection’ which can be completely achieved in parts through pollution prevention and energy conservation. Zenitex strongly believes in preservation of the green open spaces every year. We believe green environment enhances productivity and quality. We are very proud to host more than 5000 plants and trees in our campus and around. We feel proud to say “WE WORK FOR THE TREES“ .

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