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Corporate Philosophy

At Zenitex we believe in the Philosophy that, “A BUSINESS THAT MAKES NOTHING BUT MONEY, IS POOR BUSINESS”. Our belief is that, a major stake holder to the business is the community in which our industry operates and hence, there has to be a direct involvement and interaction towards the wellbeing of the society in which we operate.

Business Operations
We, at Zenitex, involve the most modern technology to sustain and improve quality, whilst keeping in mind the human health benefit. We strictly abide by all environmental protection laws and regulations laid out by the concerned authorities. Moreover, we have set ourselves high standards while establishing, developing and maintaining the environmental system, so that it minimizes the impact that our business activities have on the environment.

Customer Responsiveness
We are committed to offering top-quality, highly reliable products and services with a consistent level of excellence throughout the business domain. We are obliged to observe the highest standards for establishing, developing, and maintaining quality control systems harnessing the environment to make society a better place to live in. For us our customers are part of our family. In our achievements so far, our customers have played a vital role by supporting us and thus making it possible for us to serve the society. That is the reason that we share the blessings that we receive from the social services done by us with our customers.

We are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of Zenitex. Each employee is made aware of this value, and we actively encourage ideas and innovations from each employee. Zenitex promotes an open and fair work environment that allows all employees to interact with the management and maximize their potential.