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About Us

Zenitex Mill Pvt. Ltd. is a textile processing, Dyeing and Garments Manufacturing Industry It is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, established in the year 2003 in Surat, Gujarat.

By the grace of God, Zenitex is the Most Awarded Textile Company in India. With the kind of Awards and Achievements that it has received due to the successful implementation of Energy conservation techniques and the 360° Sustainability approach in textile manufacturing, it has become a model industry widely recognized not only in the Indian market but in the International market too. It has garnered a unique pitch and a top brand name of its own.

Zenitex is considering to share its production abilities to likewise textile industries worldwide. We invite the interested textile companies from across the globe to share our existing plant, state-of-the-art infrastructure by entering in a strategic alliance and invest in new machinery to start processing quality textiles.

Recognized by the state and central government Zenitex promises a sustainable plug and play facility, which comes with an expertise of Energy conservation management. Zenitex can share their own team of management experts for labour management, manufacturing supervision & production and also facilitate government liaisons if need be of the partner company.

If things work out favourably the partner company can avail an opportunity to be benefitted and registered by the incentives provided by the State and Central governments, also recognition by the International organizations and governments for Global green practices in textile manufacturing. Options such as green sustainable production in Exports, approaching the World Bank and top other Global organizations who are keen to promote and encourage sustainable production in developing countries for financial Assistance.

The A Social Responsibility / Community Welfare Initiative of Zenitex goodwill benefits of what Zenitex has done so far can also be highlighted and further benefits can be taken with a Global perspective by the company. Companies can also highlight the contract manufacturing deal, joint venture or merger deal as a part of their own A Social Responsibility / Community Welfare Initiative of Zenitex campaign, as a part of recognizing, promoting and encouraging a medium scale textile company for Green production with community based initiatives in developing country like India.