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Zenitex is a job based textile dyeing and processing unit – an SME situated in Surat, Gujarat. The fabric we Dye and Process are Polyester and Nylon.

We further feel blessed in introducing ourselves as India’s most awarded SME, which has won the “National Energy Conservation Award” for 3 consecutive times and also the “Best Industry of Gujarat (Quality & Environmental Protection) Award” for 4 consecutive times apart from many other awards the most recent being the India Today “Make In India Emerging Entrepreneurs Award (Textiles & Garments Category)”.

Being an SME CSR is not mandatory for us, however, the philosophy that we adhere to, i.e. “A Business That Makes Nothing But Money Is A Poor Business”, imbibes in us our responsibilities towards the society in which live. Moreover, the belief that, “Whatever we do, be it Business or Social Service.
We do it with our hearts”, this feeling of love and giving has given birth to our Social Responsibility / Community Welfare initiative named Hearts@work Foundation.

Last but not the least, in all humility, I would like to convey that I feel extremely proud of my people, their efforts, contributions and perseverance that made the topmost state and national level recognitions possible for a medium scale industry like ours.

Recognized by the state and central government Zenitex promises a sustainable plug and play facility, which comes with an expertise of Energy conservation management. Zenitex can share their own team of management experts for labour management, manufacturing supervision & production and also facilitate government liaisons if need be of the partner company.

If things work out favourably the partner company can avail an opportunity to be benefitted and registered by the incentives provided by the State and Central governments, also recognition by the International organizations and governments for Global green practices in textile manufacturing. Options such as green sustainable production in Exports, approaching the World Bank and top other Global organizations who are keen to promote and encourage sustainable production in developing countries for financial Assistance.

Interested partners can also underline the Social Responsibility / Community Welfare Campaigns undertaken by Zenitex and further support can be availed with a Global perspective by the company. Companies can also highlight the contract manufacturing deal, joint venture or merger deal as a part of their own CSR campaign, as a part of recognizing, promoting and encouraging a medium scale textile company for Green production with community based initiatives in developing country like India.

Our Vision

To achieve exceptional growth and profitability by exceeding customer expectations, and be the leading player in defined market segments.

Our Motto

Our motto “Energy Flows where Attention Goes” originates from the belief that if we take interest and pride in the work that occupies most of the active time in our lives, in the place where we spend the larger part of each day, then, as a result, our satisfaction with life will increase, and we will be able to purify the society and make our lives enriched even more.

Our Mission

ENERGY GUIDING PRINCIPLE AND MISSION – To work harder to create a brighter future. Our Global guiding principles and ethical practices influence everything we do, from the customers we work with to the contractors and suppliers that we deal with. By pursuing initiatives such as sustainable ventures, management of green cover plantation, safer workplace conditions, organizing and participating in social initiatives we should make real difference to communities and the environment. Because as important it is to deliver results, delivering them with a conscience matters more.

Our Strength

All our initiatives are towards the maintenance of quality in production, taking care of the workers’ health and safety which is an outcome of intensive research and development. We boast to have a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with latest technology, innovative thinking, and practical knowledge with valuable experience. A rigid quality assurance system is in place during the stages of manufacture, i.e. before, during and after production. During dyeing & finishing of cloth, constant sampling takes place to assure consistent and unswerving quality throughout the production cycle. Zenitex builds long term relationships with all its customers, suppliers and employees. We strive and aim to exceed their expectations.

Our Objective

Our objective is and will be to deliver the highest possible level of service through our dedicated and competent employees. And with the National & International Branding that has been accumulated due to the winning of National & International Awards & Recognitions, we are venturing in to Designer Garments Business which is in the last stages of Sampling. We would be starting this line with two premier brands namely CARESSA (for Scarves & Stoles) and JIANNA
(for Blouses and Fusion Wear).

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